design & development

We custom-design and develop fluid-responsive websites for the best possible user experience. Clients choose Jump because of our excellent understanding of what makes a website work on any device, not just from a design perspective but also in terms of interactivity, functionality and usability.

Everything we build is bespoke to the Client and project. We are methodical in our approach to design, from the user interface (UI) to the user experience (UX). With a focus on fluid-responsiveness we ensure your website works beautifully across all screen sizes, devices and media so your customers can consume your content with ease.

When designing a website we’re not just focusing on the visual concept but how the site is to interact with the visitor and the architecture required to deliver this.

Typically there are four steps prior to where the development team starts the build of a website:

  1. Requirements Gathering
    Here we are working to ensure we fully understand your goals and objectives of the project. To achieve this requires a close working relationship as it is imperative both parties agree to what is the blueprint for the website.
  2. Website Architecture
    The UX aspects of any design come to the fore when designing site architecture. The site has to be intuitive to the visitor and minimise the number of clicks they need make for any given task. Using wire framing software to clearly illustrate site functionality, how pages interact and a definitive sitemap for the website.
  3. Visual Concept
    Our designers will take the requirements blueprint to produce clean and eye-catching visual interpretations they feel best meet the agreed criteria. Again, closely working with the client and their feedback, designs will be tweaked until the final look and feel achieved.
  4. Website Prototyping
    This is where the design stage comes life in a visual and functional prototype. The agreed design and architectures are brought together so the client fully understands the visual impact and flow of their website.