digital marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing or Search Marketing) encompasses paid search marketing channels, which when chosen and structured correctly, make for a very effective channel to deliver information, generate sales leads and direct sales.

An SEM campaign across Goggle ads, Bing ads, Yahoo Gemini and Baidu paid search, can push your brand, product or company to the front page for your chosen search phrases. Careful analysis and selection of keywords/phrases relevant to you, and appropriate budgeting to position your website, will drive targeted visitors. Using analytics **link to analytics page**you can track visitor journeys, monitoring the effectiveness or your search engine keyword campaign.

Advertising online typically works on a PPC (pay Per Click Basis). It means you are only paying for those people that click on your ad which in turn directs them to your website or another destination of your choosing.

Apart from SEM, positioning yourself on websites identified as having the right audience for you, such as online publications, price comparison sites or relevant forums will also be effective in driving quality traffic to your site.

Not all advertising is PPC. Often you can also pay for advertising based on the number of times your ad is displayed (impressions). Typically this is priced on a “cost per thousand displays” and can be ideal for brand exposure.

To understand how to integrate your brand, products, services and content into any campaign Jump can help you analyse:

  • Who your customer and audience groups are
  • What they search, when and why
  • Where and how they search, including the platforms and devices used
  • Which competitors and other third party sites make up the digital environment

We deliver real, actionable insights into your target audience groups, the trigger events and search queries related the process. We’ll also identify opportunities to respond through the tactical use of content, paid search and integrated social media.

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