mobile apps

Through the delivery of intuitive, intelligent apps, Jump can help transform your business. Whether that is via interaction with your Client or arming your workforce with the information and tools they need to make your business more efficient.

Mobile App development at Jump follows a predetermined cycle assuring we create the highest quality apps:

Strategy & Concept
"what is the purpose of the app?" this is key. You must define this before all else, from both a company and user perspective – neither the world nor you need another pointless app !

With a clearly defined purpose, a concept of use and a defined scope of functionality for your app can be determined. Understand also that most apps will need to evolve as users needs and technology does. Jump’s wealth of experience can help guide you through this process and help you avoid the common pitfalls.

App UX & Design
The UX and design of your app needs to deliver an intuitive experience for the user. The fact that Jump designs apps to be good looking as well, is only going to add to the impact.

Jump will work with you to map out the flow of the app and our designers will then work their magic.

App Development & Optimization
Our solutions are bespoke to your needs and optimised for the myriad of platforms on which they need to operate. Our in-house development team is fully versed with the latest technologies across IOS, Android and Windows.

Of course apps often have to integrate with other platforms and systems and Jump developers can integrate your app into existing frameworks or APIs.

Quality Assurance
With an ever growing number of devices with different screen-sizes, iOS versions and functions it is important to test how the app will work in all these different environments. We rigorously test all our apps across an extensive range of platforms to make sure they work as they were designed to.

Evaluation & Analytics
No matter how well planned the concept of the app is it might always surprise how the users actually uses the app and what features they truly love. We help monitor this by implementing analytics to monitor and evaluate the usage of the app. As standard we implement Google Analytics but have extensive experience in implementing a wide range of third party tracking.