digital marketing

Content, Content, Content. Nothing in today’s digital world is more important.
Creating a wealth of engaging content is essential for any marketing strategy and in a world where social media is imbedded into everyday life it has transformed the ways in which people discover and consume their information.

Coming up with fresh, interesting and engaging content is no easy task especially when you consider that more and more content is being absorbed across video, podcasts and imagery. Unless you have a marketing team the size of a small army the task for any business to reach out to existing and potential new clients is quite daunting.

Certainly one approach is to combine relevant content from around the web and interlink that with your own. Done properly, carefully selecting third party content to complement your own, can result in a unique format of information. In turn this can prove to be very productive, generating real value, when delivered though the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.

So to be clear Jump is not advocating that you drop your digital advertising budget. You still need to budget to reach out and draw visitors in. But be aware of other channels open to you that won’t eat up budgets: white papers, e-books, podcasts, webinars, bylined articles and the like are all forms of content that can reside on social channels and indeed on your own website.

Typically content initiatives are led by the marketing department but the raw content such as stories, trends, questions comes from the people ingrained in the business.

So how can we help with your content dilemma?

Our team of copy gurus, Digital Techies and SEO specialists can help you develop engaging content, structure it so search engines deliver quality organic traffic and position so social media channels deliver to your target audience.

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